Sep 26 2010


My husband, my mini schnauzer Wolfie and I went up to Boston last weekend.  The main reason for going was for my husband and his pal Chris to take part in a fall century bike ride on Sunday.  It was a fun weekend and the highlight for me was Saturday.

We went into the city on a gorgeous Saturday.  We had fun exploring The North End, or Little Italy as it’s known with our friends.  We wondered in and out of specialty food shops, produce shops, stopped for espresso and gelato and really lucked out when we stopped in Monica’s Mercato, where we had to restrain ourselves from buying up every kind of cheese, meat and antipasto they had.

We did leave with some scrumptious homemade ravioli, fresh mozzerrella and parmesan cheeses, cheese stuffed peppadews, herby focaccia and baci for our evening meal that we enjoyed with the DFH beers we brought along.

Jul 11 2010

Baby, Schnauzers

Yesterday was a really fun day. We were heading down to take our mini schnauzer Wolfie to the Hereford Country Club for Pets for his grooming appointment.  This is also the kennel where we adopted him on December 31, 2009.

Before heading to his appointment we were fortunate enough to be able to visit our friends Sam and Jenny to meet their adorable new baby boy.  We are looking forward to seeing baby Joey again soon.

We headed to the groomers and dropped Wolfie off for a couple hours of expert treatment.  When we came back after some lunch and food shopping at the nearby Wegman’s we were excited to see four silly black and silver mini schnauzer puppies romping around in the lawn area of the kennel.  They were a hoot and it was so hard to tear ourselves and Wolfie away from them and head for home.