Nov 13 2010

Fall in my Garden

Fall is definitely at it’s peak in my garden. There is an abundance of gold, orange and crimson throughout my small property. I am obsessed with plants and try to squeeze in as many as possible.  Each year I’m ripping out more lawn so that I can plant more and more shrubs, perennials and small trees.  Some of the plants I choose are planted in memory of family, friends or pets who have left this world.  Here’s a few snapshots of fall in my garden this year.

Sep 5 2010

Tomato, Tomatillo, & tiny, tiny….Watermelon?

I bought this miniature watermelon plant, it said it was little, but seriously? It’s smaller than one of my smaller tomatoes, but still larger than my smallest tomatoes. Since I am the only one in my house who enjoys eating watermelon this might a good one to grow, but couldn’t it be a little bit bigger?

Jul 9 2010

My Veg Gardens

Here's how my veggie gardens are looking this week.