Jul 7 2010

4th of July Anniversary Dinner Outing

I got married on the 4th of July in 1998.  We chose this day mostly because we didn’t have much time to plan our wedding, it was a holiday weekend which meant more family could attend and mind you we are not overly patriotic but we thought fireworks on our anniversary every year would be nice.

You might think we’re odd but we don’t give each other mushy cards (okay I occasionally cave and do this, nothing store bought though, promise) or even gifts on our anniversary, instead we began a tradition of always going out for a (hopefully) fabulous meal.  This year was no exception.

We went to The Columbus Inn, it recently reopened and we decided to give it a try, risky as we knew it could be.  We were hopeful but cautiously so.

I never give myself enough time to get ready, especially when it involves dressing up, which we rarely do.  I had bought a dress last year that I thought was so cool because it could be worn 47 different ways, okay maybe 7.  So of course this was the first time I was going to wear it and I couldn’t figure out one way to wear it, let alone 7.  But in the last three minutes before we had to leave I was able to finagle it in such a way that I thought looked pretty good, and luckily, husband agreed.

We arrived to find it was valet parking, not very common in our usual outings but nice.  We walked in to find a cool wine room and recently renovated dining area.

The waiter was helpful and informative.  He told us a little about the menu and we took our time perusing the various courses, wines, cocktails and other offerings.  We were impressed and looking forward to our meal and felt we had found a good place to celebrate.

We put in our order: we started with the roasted marrow bones with gremolata, I ordered the loin of lamb, chef’s choice of medium rare, with mustard spaetzle and grilled romaine.  My husband went for the milk-fed veal, also medium rare, with blue foot mushroom and sweetbread ragout, and carrot salad.

When our appetizer of roasted marrow bone arrived we were pleased to see a new preparation, instead of the typical rounds of bone surrounding the marrow, this one was a long bone, about 8 inches sliced in half.  This made getting to the marrow all too easy and we found ourselves fighting over the savory, buttery filling. We have had this before, I’ve made it at home but it’s not a dish we make often as it is not easy to find the bones where we live.  Our local butcher does not sell them so we must go to Philly when we have a craving.  Anyway, as we were enjoying our roasted marrow bone the restaurant manager came to our table to see how we liked it.  She was very impressed that we ordered it and told us we were her favorite table of the evening.  We were surprised by that and then our waiter came by to say how we had impressed his manager.  Who knew?

Our entrees were also very delicious and we were oohing and awing and sharing bites from each others plates.  For dessert we shared a wonderful olive oil cake, garnished with fresh blueberries, tapioca, lavender and pistachios.  My husband ordered the french pressed coffee, Michicha Sundried, an Ethiopian coffee and I had a cocktail to end the meal.  It was just lovely and a great way to celebrate our anniversary.  I’m sure we will go back soon.